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Caliwynd Bio

Shemica Watkins-Johnson is a dancer, performer and teacher with extensive experience in traditional and contemporary dances of the African diaspora including Afro-Haitian, Hip hop, Guniea and Dancehall, Congolese and Soca . 
Born in Nuremberg, Germany and raised in Oakland, California, Shemica comes from a family of dancers, including her parents who were international performers and competitive dancers. 

Dancehall Queen in 2013, Shemica is the originator of Caliwynd, a dance style with influences in Afro-Haitan, Reggae Vybz , Soca and Congolese .


Her dance and teaching practice is rooted in the understanding that dance builds community by uniting people and unlocking their ability for uninhibited creative expression for healing and empowerment.


She currently resides with Carnival Band Karibbean Vibrationz and has been apart of there winning streak for the last 3 years.

Watkins-Johnson’s goal for Caliwynd is to leave a dance legacy for her kids, which includes rolling out Caliwynd to a broader audience with the her clothing line, Tour dance classes, having her very own “Caliwynd Dance Studio” , and spreading the joy and love of Dance across the United States , her birthplace of Nuremberg Germany and all over the world.

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